The subconscious mind and Subliminal MP3 Programming

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The subconscious mind and Subliminal MP3 Programming
How Subliminal Messages Can Help You?

A subliminal message is the act of conveying a message directly to the subconscious mind, below the threshold of conscious awareness (subliminal programming).

To place pr-arranged thoughts or ideas into the subconscious mind, the method that used is Subliminal programming.

Reinforcing pr-existing information stored in the subconscious or to increase a person’s selective attention.

A subliminal message is quite different than responding without awareness. Subliminal Messages involves reacting to stimuli that are above your physiological thresholds, but below your perceptual thresholds.

For Example: If you have ever thought you heard the telephone ringing while running the vacuum cleaner. And then turned the machine off to listen and discovered that the phone was in fact ringing; So, you have experienced subliminal programming. The sound of the vacuum drowned out the sound of the telephone ringing. Forcing it just below the threshold of conscious perception, however the ringing of the telephone still prompted (i.e., reinforced) your desire to take action.

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