The Ideal Wife an Original Story

Amber is Jake’s dream girl; cute, successful, confident and sexy. Everything is going well until after they get married. And that’s when Amber grows tired of her job, becomes controlling and blows his money. To avoid divorce, Jake tries subliminal wife training to transform Amber into a self-loving and obedient wife.

The Ideal Wife is a full-featured story about how Jake uses Dream Girls to save his marriage.

The Ideal Wife

Written by Trainer81

There’s nothing like getting a great payout on a carefully calculated investment. The influx of money is only part of the draw. The power and knowledge that you made the best decision is even better in some ways. At twenty-five years old, I was already one of the top earners in my investment company. My stocks and bonds frequently netted great payouts but getting there took hard work. So, by Friday I was always beat and ready to let go and relax with my friends.

This Friday was no different. I ran my fingers through my short, brown hair as I walked to the bar I met Kyle, Justin, and Mark at every Friday night. My green eyes were red from exhaustion and I couldn’t keep my posture straight.

The noise of the crowd and bartenders revitalized me though. Maybe it’s a little odd, but the messy drunks, sticky surfaces, and music that’s far too loud relaxes me. At work, everything is so tense, people are stuck up, and the pressure is relentless. Here, everyone’s the sloppiest versions of themselves. It’s an incredible feeling, letting loose like that. It’s not nearly as great as earning a ton of money so quickly, but it’s still fulfilling in a different way.

“Jake!” Kyle called out, pushing through people lined up in front of the bar. “Glad you could make it man.”

He handed me a beer. Kyle always tried something new each Friday, which sometimes was successful and other times landed him something vile. I gulped it regardless. “What the fuck is that?” I asked, after the sweet, full bodied, yet odd taste hit my taste-buds.

“Blueberry ale,” Kyle replied, with a smile. “Weird, right?”

“It’s something,” I remarked. It wasn’t great, but I was so ready to get wasted that I drank half the glass. “Why don’t you ever bring me something normal?”

“Because I’m an above average guy.” Kyle moved closer and lowered his voice. “And I’m about to be your best friend ever.”

I was curious and a little suspicious. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d gotten me into trouble. I followed him anyway over to the dance floor where a sexy young woman was moving her perfect curves in time with the music. She was about a head shorter than me, with dark blonde hair that caught the flashing, red lights. Her jeans and red collared shirt hugged her body, giving me a hint of the heaven I’d be enjoying if I could take her home.

Her blue eyes lit up as she saw Kyle. He motioned her over and she smiled at me in a devilish way that made me want to take her home right then and there.

“Amber, I wanted to introduce you to my good friend, Jake,” Kyle said.

“It’s great to meet you,” I said, as I took her hand and kissed it. She laughed and I had to have her.

“A gentleman,” she replied. “It’s wonderful to meet you too.”

“Can I get you a drink?” I asked.

She agreed to let me get her a sangria and we spent the evening talking. Amber was just the kind of woman I always go for; confident, cute, well-dressed, and successful. Even though she was only nineteen, she already had her own business working as a freelancer in web designing and graphics. She showed me some of the work she’d done, and I was impressed by her skills and ambition. I had a problem of meeting women who only wanted me for my paycheck, so this change was nice. Everything about her lured me in.

Maybe I should’ve known it was too good to be true. Maybe I should’ve seen the trap for what it was, but I was crazy in love. Two months later, we went to Vegas and got married. The honeymoon phase didn’t last very long though…


I stayed late for the third Friday in a row, not because I wanted to, but because I had to. Six months into our marriage and things had taken a drastic turn with Amber. I still loved her but…

When are you coming home?

I considered her frequent texting cute at first. By now it had just become annoying though. She had a constant need for attention, but she spent money so quickly that I had to work more hours and spend less time with her. I barely had any time to myself anymore and it was only getting worse.

I hope you’re not going out with the guys tonight. We don’t have the money and I miss you.

I hadn’t joined my friends for our weekly night out in a month by then. I missed it. I missed them.

I’ll be home in a bit, Babe. I miss you too.

I was tired anyway, or at least that’s what I told myself. There was some truth to it, but I did want to go out with my friends. I was tired of Amber’s needy and controlling ways. But I loved her, so I went home and tried to gather up some patience on the way there.

I walked through the door and had to take several deep breaths not to lose my shit. The house was a mess and the dishes in the sink were piling up! But there in the living room I could see Amber was sitting on the couch in front of a brand new 55-inch Sony flat screen TV, sipping Cheval Blanc from her stupid, new, crystal wine glass.

“We don’t have the money for me to go out with my friends?” I asked. She turned at the demanding, furious tone in my voice. “Then how on earth do we have the money for a new TV?”

She jumped up and gave me those big puppy eyes, but I wasn’t falling for them this time. I was beyond furious. She bought new expensive things each week, it felt like almost every day, and she never consulted me on these purchases. She just expected me to continually work harder to maintain the lifestyle she loved.

“Babe, this is different,” she whined. “A night out with your friends only lasts for one night and alcohol is legit poison. A TV lasts for years. It’s an investment.”

“Not in this house,” I pointed out. “We already have a TV and you’ll probably want to get a new one in a year or two. Besides, the memories with my friends last. They help maintain a friendship. I’m not going to have any friends left if I keep ditching them all the time.”

“Would that be such a bad thing?” she asked. “Your friends kind of suck.”

That was the last straw. I looked to the box still waiting in the living room. I didn’t trust myself to say a word. I knew I’d say something I might regret later. I silently walked to the TV and unplugged it.

“What are you doing?” she asked, worry rising in her voice.

I didn’t answer her. She didn’t deserve an answer. Instead, I started wrapping up the cords, careful not to break anything. We could not afford a new TV, especially 55” flat screen and I wasn’t going to pay for it.

“I know you’re mad, but it’s already here,” she whined. “We can’t get rid of it now!”

She started throwing a tantrum like a bratty two-year-old as I put the tv back in its box.

When I finally got one hundred percent fed up with her whining, I turned to her.

“If you want a tv, then maybe you shouldn’t have quit your job so you could buy it yourself. I’m not made of money, Amber.”

“We’re married,” she retorted through tears. “It’s our money.”

“Not anymore,” I said. “I’m putting a stop to this downward spiral once and for all.” And with that, I left the house.


I tapped my foot impatiently as I waited in the ridiculously long line at Best Buy. I worked hard all day, and now I had to come home to this. It was getting beyond what I could handle.

I thought back to life before Amber when Friday nights were my own. Those days were starting to look better and better. If I didn’t have a wife, I could go back to them. I wouldn’t have to deal with her fits, or blowing through my money, telling me what to do all the time.

Still, I loved her. Regardless of the horrid way she was acting lately, I couldn’t let go of the incredible woman she was when I first met her. I longed for that connection again. She was still gorgeous and sexy. When I married her, I never intended to abandon her, and I didn’t want to now. But things had to change.

I mulled it over as I drove home from Best Buy. Divorce was a last resort, but I wasn’t sure what else to do. On my way home I listened to loud rap music on the radio, hoping to clear my mind and think of a way out of this mess without losing Amber in the process. Deep down part of me still loved her.

If only I could figure out how to train my wife to be a bit more manageable.

When I got back to my house, the bedroom light was on. I was tired and all I wanted to do was go to bed so I could wake up tomorrow morning, hopefully with a solution in mind. But I did not want to deal with Amber. So, I stayed in my truck for a little while to give myself time to think.

I brought out my iPhone as I tried a few online searches to figure out what to do. I looked up different information on how to fix problems in a failing marriage. Then I decided to search for ways to train your wife.

I didn’t expect there to be much information on such a topic. It sounded like something out of a biblical era. Surely no one did that anymore. But to my surprise, the search yielded some results.

There were a lot of things related to BDSM content, and how to use punishments and rewards effectively. Yet a lot of these sites required the woman to at least participate in some way. I knew it wasn’t going to be so easy to get Amber on board, even if that’s what I wanted more than anything. If I came at Amber with any of this stuff, she’d refuse and probably get so angry I even mentioned it that she’d leave.

No, I needed something a little more discreet. After some thought, I looked up “subliminal wife training” and finally found an answer that could possibly work in the form of a website called Dream Girls – Subliminal messages for training girls to be loving and obedient!

At first, I still wasn’t sure it’d work for us. Amber was a particularly stubborn and strong-willed woman. Could she be tamed by subliminal messaging? Could it be that easy?

No. As I read through the resources on the site, I learned it wouldn’t be easy. There was no simple fix to my problem, but in a way that made me trust the method more. It wasn’t offering some kind of cure all or magical pill to solve everything. Instead, it detailed thought out plans and steps I could take to make Amber a submissive wife who would love me freely and honor and obey me faithfully.

Always one to do my research, I looked up the reviews and found only positive ones from men who tried the methods and said they worked. The men and their wives were happier once the bad behavior was stopped. They all claimed it saved their marriages. So of course, I reviewed the services page and got myself a gold membership, after I browsed the large directory of the Subliminal MP3 programs.

My one-time payment also included eBooks that I could access from the member’s area, along with other resources that would help me learn how to train Amber to be my dream girl.

I decided I would try Dream Girls for a month and see how everything goes.

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The End


Written by Trainer81


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