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If you have any questions Contact Us and will try to answer them the best we can. Check out Dream Girls questionnaire below for assistance.

Dream Girls services for training girls in submission and obedience is based on Catholic and Christian values for happier relationships.

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Dream Girls FAQ

1. Question: Is it okay if she listens to the subliminal messages at night while she’s sleeping?

Answer: Yes definitely, the subconscious mind is always awake and aware even when she’s sleeping.

2. Question: If I’m in the same room as my girl will the subliminal MP3 affect me in the same way as her?

Answer: As long as you know what’s being said in the subliminal messages and know it’s for her you’ll be fine.  I suggest you read the subliminal script so can keep reminding yourself the subliminal program isn’t for you.

3. Question: Do you think these subliminal programs will deepen submissive behavior from a sub to a slave on someone who is submissive but not really a slave?

Answer: No matter which subliminal messages you use, Dream Girls subliminal programs will, in fact, enforce the subliminal messages for any female behavior. Influenced by the program, she will come to accept these new behaviors and desires as her own.

4. Question: Will your subliminal MP3’s work without the subject’s knowledge?

Answer: Yes, It’s been proven to work whether she knows about the subliminal program or not. The subliminal programs will show positive results in time. Be sure to read the eBooks offered to Gold members for showing you how to enforce her training and using the Subliminal MP3’s.

5. Question: Are the MP3 Subliminal Programs like learning?

Answer: Yes, Subliminal programs are just like watching an educational film or reading a book: You learn from what you read or watch on TV so the effects can occur when listening to the subliminal messages.

6. Question: How does she hear the subliminal messages?

Answer: The Subliminal Messages are undetectable to conscious hearing but fully picked up by her subconscious mind whether she’s awake or sleeping it will influence her thoughts by enforcing submissive and obedient habit forming behavior.

7. Question: Will the changes become permanent?

Answer: Depending on how long she listens, permanent changes can take place. Listening frequently will reinforce proper behavioral changes based on the program. What the subliminal program does is alter the progression of her thoughts, feelings, and ideas while influencing the mind for a proper change.

8. Question: What if my girl, isn’t use use to hearing words like Owner or Master as it refers to me, will the subliminal messages still have an effect on her?

Answer: Remember that she’s learning something new and words like Owner or Master will take time to adjust and she should become a custom to it. And this will be something that she’ll come to accept over time.

9. Question: Can the Subliminal MP3’s be uploaded to a Mp3 player like iPod?

Answer: Our subliminal programs in MP3 format are just like any file that can be played on an iPod, CD Player or other MP3 compatible App.

10. Question: What kind of results I should expect from your subliminal messages?

Answer: Results are different for every girl but rest assured that her conditioning will gradually happen over time. Some women respond very quickly and others need more time. Once she begins listening, watch for changes in her behavior. Start a journal if you want to keep track of her progress. With patience and persistence, our MP3 subliminal messages will work every time. Be sure to read the eBooks for training girls showing how to enforce her subliminal training.

11. Question: Do I need to use headphones?

Answer: Headphones are optional, but not required when she’s listening to the Subliminal MP3’s but make sure she’s within hearing range. It’s like watching a movie on TV or listening to the radio and you want to hear what he or she is saying.

Make sure the volume is properly set.

12. Question: Do I need a PayPal account?

Answer: No… PayPal is a merchant service accepting all Credit Cards like Visa and Master Card.  And on your credit card statement GGO Company will show up on your bill not Dream Girls!

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