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  • My Inner Voice Converters(1)

    The ‘My Inner Voice Converter – Self Hypnosis Subliminal’ speaks directly to the subconscious and directly to her inner voice. This encourages her to relax and to find comfort while listening to the Subliminal MP3 programs.

  • Submissive Thoughts Series(3)

    Download the 'Submissive Thoughts' a series of Subliminal MP3 programs for training a self-loving and obedient dream girls.

  • Slave Girl Training(41)

    Download these Subliminal MP3 programs for training your Slave Girl in submission and obedience.

  • Girlfriend Training(26)

    Download these Subliminal MP3 programs for training your Girlfriend in submission and obedience.

  • Wife Training(31)

    Download these Subliminal MP3 programs for training your Wife in submission and obedience.

  • I Will Love Honor And Obey Series(3)

    The Love, Honor And Obey is a Subliminal MP3 series for the Girlfriend, Wife and a Slave Girl in training your female in the traditional wedding vows she will learn to abide by and serve you.

  • Maid Training(12)

    Download these Subliminal MP3 programs for training yourself a submissive and obedient Maid willing to serve you.

  • Adult Entertainment(12)

    Using these Subliminal MP3 downloads you can train just about any girl in exotic dancing, stripper, escort, sex, or a Nightclub performer.

  • Transformation(1)

    The transformation Subliminal MP3 programs are for training girls on how to act and behave like a puppy girl or how about a living doll, and for training girls in slavery.

  • Self Mind Control Series(3)

    Learn how to control your thoughts and your mind using these unified Subliminal MP3 programs for just about anyone.

  • Self Help(7)

    Subliminal MP3 downloads for self improvement and overcoming unwanted behavior and habits.