Dream Girls About Us

Back in my early years since 2006, I was experimenting with subliminal messages with the intention of using these tools for training myself a live-in slave girl and as my loving companion. I had her listening to the subliminal MP3’s; since I’ve taken her into my home, her slave training has come along wonderfully and she still lives with me to this day as my obedient slave, my pet, and lover.

Since that time we’ve established Dream Girls a Self-Help membership site for Men who want to train themselves a dream girl; in submission and obedience using high-quality subliminal MP3 programs you can download directly form our online directory and how-to eBooks you can access from the Members Area.

Dream Girls will give you everything you need to train yourself a self-loving and an obedient dream girl.

Dream Girls Subliminal MP3’s are thoroughly designed in such a way that prolonged listening to the subliminal messages will reinforce new habits and behavior within weeks of proper exposure. And as she listens to any of the subliminal MP3’s, they will be undetectable to conscious hearing but are fully picked up subconsciously.

Dream Girls has been online since 2007

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